Monday, November 2, 2009

Let the Good Times Roll

Had a great time this past weekend my sister threw a party for Halloween and the good times were had by all. I'm the Grimm Reaper up there and in the cup was your souls! Well souls, punch and Vodka. Mainly with the Vodka.
Played party games, watched "Night of the Living Dead" and fed trick'or'treaters.
Now this week in gaming Dragon Age: Origins comes out. It's supposed to be the spiritual successor to the great Balder's Gate series. We shall see but that's some big shoes to fill so I'm doubting it. It is looking good so at lest hceck the sucker out.


SOB said...

You didn't wear a costume this year?

akiraxander1313 said...

LOL I just can't give up my day job. :D