Sunday, March 21, 2010

Enjoy the Weekend Mo Fo's

I will follow my cats advise and spend the weekend sleeping.

The weekend is a time to game, spend time with the children, and maybe if there lucky grace your spouse with your presence.

For me I gamed. Finished the expansion for Dragon Age:Origins. Took me over 10 hours which I must say I'm impressed with. I thought at most it might be a 5 hour thingy.

I've also been trying to wade my way through God of War III. That game can get so hard at times I just have to go punch a baby. Gorgeous looking but with some glitchs that almost brake the game. Great but not as good as 1 & 2.

Metro 2033 is turning to be a better game then I thought it would. Pretty interesting enough story with a little touch of RPG elements and decent combat make it a solid single player experience. I really like there post apocalyptic weapons, very creative and fun to use.

They also had an NCIS marathon yesterday for teh WIN! I very much enjoy that show.

Me and my good buddy got our butts kick for awhile on Modern Warfare 2. But apparently it's because I was running around shooting down UAV's that we kept losing. Weird right? O'well I'm sniping today with a vengeance! Muh hah ha ha ha ha

Today's post is brought to you while listening to the album "FrogStomp" by "Silver Chair". Get it today or demons will feast on your toes when you leave them hanging off the bed.


SOB said...

At least you admit to it.

Palaverer said...

Is that Taylor?

akiraxander1313 said...

Yes it is, aint he just a cutie. :P