Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Twisted Metal Goodness

The psycho clown and all the glorious car combat is coming back. Here's the E3 video from Gamespot. I'm not so sure about the way there taking it but I wont pass judgment till we see more.

It does kind of scare me that they at first were not going to include a single player. *-* WTF were they thinking! Thank PIE that someone hit them with a stupid stick and they will be adding it. Also a shame it's only coming out on the PS3, I so do love my achievements. ;) But all in all I've been waiting for another TM tital and it's about time they deliverd. >:P

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Palaverer said...

Greetings, my brother. May you find joy and tastiness in the Pie (blessed be its filling).

I like Twisted Metal. I hope the new one has a good story and interesting characters.