Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta

So I'm back on my addiction Fallout 3 with another add-on. In this one you get abducted by aliens and have to fight your way off there ship. It's fairly fun with some new weapons and it's interesting to go about there ship and see what they've been doing with humanity.

The alien combatants come in different degrees of difficulty, from poke him with a pillow and you'd kill him, to hit him with a small planet and he'd survive. They also have some robots and failed experiments we end up unleashing. Oops my bad little alien dude I was just looking for a bathroom. There's also a cargo hold that's full of stuff to go sorting through.

You make it through the ship with some fellow escapee's and take over the ship. Then you get to have a big ship to ship battle that's pretty freaking cool. And then boom your done in about 4 hours time. There are audio logs to collect scattered about the ship that can add allot more time to the game searching all over for them, and thankfully you can go to a beacon laying on the ground back in the waste to go back on the ship to continue the search at any time.

Sound and graphics are the same as the main Fallouts, so very good quality. If you've enjoyed the other DLC and are wanting something different and new to do in the waste this is a fun pick up for any wastelander.

My Score: 7.0


SOB said...

It is no call of duty

akiraxander1313 said...

True that, but Call of Dutys only better playing with great friends. ;D