Thursday, September 24, 2009

Zombie Apocalypse

Here's a new game on the Xbox360 Arcade right now. I have a great love of killing zombies so I rushed to pick this up after work. You pick one of 4 people to fend off the zombie hoard with a machine gun, shot gun, rifle, duel smgs, Molotov cocktails and more. As your slaughtering there are some none infected people to try to rescue for bonus points as well as a wicked teddy bear bomb.

The stages you slaughter on have environmental kills as well, such as shooter the zombies into a wood chipper. :D I made to day twelve before falling to knife throwing grandmas. >:( Evil little things they are.
Controls are what make this feel like a real arcade game. The left analog stick moves you around and the right one fires you gun in whatever direction you move it. Really makes it easier to keep up with the fast paced action.
After putting my few minutes in I say it's a fun game and that 800 Microsoft Points is not a bad price.
My Score: 7.5

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