Monday, January 25, 2010

Farve Got Screwed

Six can not win a game with that many turn overs, the Vikings as a professional football team should not have been able to screw up that much. Farve was getting hit on almost every play, got hurt and still played. Now he did throw the interception at the end of the game and everyone's like he should have Really? Maybe they forgot he's been limping the entire game. I think it's pretty amazing that it was as close a game as it was. The Saints should have run away with it and I think if they play the same way against the Colts there not going to have the same good fortune with the insane amount of turn overs.

Hopefully it should be a good game. And I wouldn't mind ether team winning.


Palaverer said...

Did you hear the fighting song Prince wrote for the Vikings? Creeeeepy.

akiraxander1313 said...

No I haven't.....but the fact Prince is doing a football song is creepy enough. :O