Monday, January 4, 2010

Oi First Post of the New Year

So..................yup.....a new year. Good news is Mass Effect 2 comes out the week of the 23rd. Should be bad ass. I was reading a forum today and two people were arguing like forum idiots like to do. ;) About who was a true is a metalhead? I for one know I like all most all kinds of metal and I'm not a metalhead. My guess is it's someone who can named every metal band out there and has been to all there concerts at lest once. And knows more about there personal lives then the metal bands do. :P Definitely a stupid thing to argue about just because one liked Slipknot and the other liked Cannibal Corpse. >.O

Anyway rock on fools.

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Palaverer said...

Sounds about as useful as an argument over which is cooler, Star Wars or Star Trek. (The correct answer is both.)