Monday, February 15, 2010

Another Week Of Doom

So I had to work all weekend and now I have to work all this week.....shit.... And on top of that I had one of those dreams that felt real this morning. :( Now it's not what you think you perverts there was no sex in the dream just the sense of finally having companionship.

The older I get the more I just what someone to love and share life with and the less I care about getting the smexy time. Soooo this is going to be one long fucking day.
I'm tired as hell even though I went to bed uber early. And I got yelled at last night on Moderen Warfare 2 because some guy thought I was using a turbo controller, when I don't. I just have a really fast trigger finger. I was able to message him to point he said sorry to me so I give myself +1 internet points for that. lol

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