Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bioshock 2 Review

There's you a freakish Big Daddy and there's your freakish Little Sister

Alrighty I've had a good day so put into this game and it's time to spill my thoughts. Right away if you've played the first game you'll feel at home among the crumbling walls of Rapture.

It is slightly more focused on combat this time which is made a hell of allot easier by duel wielding you weapon in one hand and Plasmid in the other.

And the interactions with the Little Sisters definitely make the decision to "Save" or "Harvest" allot deeper. It's hard as hell to kill a little girl who just said your the best daddy ever. :(

The game really picks up speed at the end having a pretty interesting ending. I saved everyone on my first playthrough so I'm starting my second where I kill them all. >:) I will also be playing it on it's hardest difficulty so I'll see how much that makes a difference in the game.

Now on to the multiplayer. It turns out to be better then I thought it would be. You gain Adam which is pretty much EXP for getting kills and completing challenges. you level up unlocking more guns, attachments for said guns, Plasmids, and different Masks and melee weapons for you character. There are a bunch of characters to choose from so you can pick the crazy ass sea dweller of your choice. Stages are fairly nice, with some open ones and some hectic close combat ones. I did have a problem with lag but not to severely.

Rap that shit up B! Ok over all I give this game and 8.5 out of 10. Score would have been high if the single player game was longer or if the multiplayer didn't lag so much but still a great game to pick up.

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