Friday, February 19, 2010

ARK Needs You Today ^.^

So please help today by sending as many of the smexy below as you can to 666 Retartded Kitten Lane, in Dueshbag, Loserville .

The only thing that can heal the poor retarded kitties is the care of the smexy Japanese ladies. You CAN make a difference. :)

And if you don't then.....then fine I'll just throw all the retarded kittens in a bag and throw the bag off a cliff. And it will be all your fault so you'll take up alcohol to sooth the wounds but it won't work and you'll lose your job and you wife will leave you for that annoying young poolboy. And....and then you'll get picked up for doing meth and you'll be bubba's prison bitch untill you die from colon cancer. >.O

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