Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bad Trend By Game Makers

A new bad trend has arising in the console gaming market that has affected PC gamers for some time. That is developers putting out a game with glitches and patching them later over the Internet. For a long console games were the safe bet that if you bought it, it would work the first time you stick the game in. Which is what makes them appealing compared to PC gaming. Well that and not having to upgrade your rig ever time a new game comes out. But some games such as Fallout 3,Fable 2,Two Worlds,Mercenaries 2, Call of Duty:world at War and many others are released with bad glitches that may make you start a game over or make them no playable at all. It's a shame that the developers don't just take more time before releasing, instead of disappointing there fans.
Fallout 3 at time will just lock up or you will get stuck in the environment. Fable 2 was released without the promised 2 player co-op which was still disappointing when we got it. Two worlds was so broken with frame rate drops that the game was unplayable, I would kill a bear and it's corpse would just float in the air.:/ Mercenaries 2 also suffered from game stopping glitches. COD:WAW's multiplayer has some very bad glitches that ruin the matches at times with players able to get unfair advantages. There's more I'm sure but my brain no work so good. x.x
Now I'm not saying this game are bad, as I've already stated that COD:WAW and Fallout3 are two of my favorites. But it still is a sad thing even more so foe these big named blockbusters.

What this has done at lest to my game buying habits is I wait awhile after the game comes out before I buy it to see what game forums and fan reviews say about the game. It's a pain when you've been looking forward to a game for some time and then have to wait longer because your worried that the developers have not released a complete version. Hopefully they will catch on that this is not something pleasing to the people giving them there money and stop releasing uncompleted games.

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