Monday, January 19, 2009

Best Multiplayer IMO

Well first off I just want to say "GO STEELERS"!! Um "cough" just had to get that out of my system. On to the games.

I've been playing allot of Call Of Duty:World at War. This is a superb game that has fast action or you can slow it down with some camping. It has a large selection of guns to choose from and as you level you unlock more.

Yes you read me right, I said level in reference to a FPS. You get different amount of points per kill or assist of a kill. You get bonus points for winning a match or placing high in the match. There are also challenges to go for such as get 25 kills with this said gun, or one my favorites cook a grenade till it gos off killing you and an opponent. I would just love to see there faces when they watch there kill cam. Hey kill cam that's another feature that I love. Being able to see where and how you die helps you A. learn what not to do and B. find out where that guy was camping at. ;)

Now there are 65 levels to go through and even then your no done, you can prestige which is a fancy way to say you go back to level 1 but you get spacial emblem to show how many times you restarted leveling. Currently I'm on my fourth and I'm still not getting tired of playing.

But there are a few annoying things in this game as well. Such as for some ungodly reason they brought back Juggernaut the most annoying perk ever. One which there will always be people who try to defend it saying "the game makers put it in so it's fine". Wrong, it's a game breaker anyways. And there are only three types of people that use it ,1st is people new to the game which is the only people I excuse, 2nd are people who suck at the game and need it not to die every few seconds and while I understand there reason I do not agree with it. Taking your beating like a man and not be a punk and maybe you will learn how to play better. 3rd is the worst people who have play awhile (prestige) and are just jerks there will try to win at any cost. These are the people that I hate and ruin a match. Them and the glitches.

O yes the glitchers how could I forget about them. Yeah Treyarch has little holes in certain maps to the effect that if you run back forth on them or jump into them you can get under the map. Where you can kill everyone else but they can't get you. This completely ruins a match and any fun competition is gone. I hope that every single person who does this gets baned for Xbox live forever the little pricks. I can only hope there little kids that don't know any better because of there lack of parenting, but sadly it's much older and stupider fools that give gamers a bad name.

Well even with those little bumps this is a great game with good graphics, nice sound, good controls, little to no connection issues, and long hour so you can get your moneys worth. I give it 9 out of 10.


JOCO SOB said...

Greatest game ever

akiraxander1313 said...

At lest till we reach the 10th pretidge and move on to the next game.:/