Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bad trend?

Ok there's something I've been noticing with games lately. It's a lack of fun. Sure they look good, or have nice physics but I'm talking fun. I'll give some examples.

Such as, so many times I read from reviewers as well as players that they didn't like a game because they didn't change anything from there last version. Well my counter to that is did you enjoy the last version? Yes, then whats the problem with more fun. I'm a big fan of the Dynasty Warriors series. A simple hack-n-slash with some cool, old school warriors. But they get bashed for releasing a game with the same game play every time. :/ But wait we liked that game play the first time so what has changed. It's like every Madden that comes out, it's the same core game play but with improvements to everything they can.

If ya think about it that's what allot of most games are from the dawn of gaming. Super Mario 3 is an improvement to 2 and 2 from 1. Visually different a little but core game play the same. Even if you look at the new Mario Galaxy it's still got the same core game play from way back when, all be it far improved. I guess what I'm saying is I wish game makers could see that you don't have to spend super cash on graphics and such but you can make a simple game, as long as it's got that tried and true fun factor it will do fine.

Which reminds me of a gem that has come out Braid. A simple arcade game for the Xbox360 that takes core game play from Mario with a great twist of time control and puzzles. Genius! And here's another example. Call of Duty:World at War is an improvement of Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare. Took core game play and added a new look and bam! A fun game that as a fan I can get another year of enjoyment out of. Well let's hope we continue to get great improvements to great game play like this and not pretty shells!

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