Monday, January 12, 2009

Parents not taking care?

So many times now a days we are seeing video games get blamed for crimes. It's really a shame. I've played all sorts of games all my life and I've never hurt anyone. But my parents also made sure I didn't play violent video games till i was of an appropriate age. And there lies the problem we have today. Parents not parenting. Just letting little Jimmie do whatever he wants as long as he shuts up.
I was in Gamestop the other day before Christmas and an older couple were in there buying a video game for there grandson. They were going to pick up Grand Theft Auto 4 for a 9 year old.......:O wait what? Luckily the good employee let them know that they did not want to do that and that the game was no way, shape, or form a child's game.
Also if someone plays a violent video game and then commits a violent crime it's not the video games fault. The person who committed the crime already had something wrong with them to have done that. Could the video game have triggered and episode? Yes it could have, but it was just a matter of time till something set them off. People commit crimes every day since the dawn of man without video games and probably will continue long after there gone. So if you know someone has violent tendencies you don't let them watch UFC on tv or Saw, just like you wouldn't put a heart patent on a roller coaster you just don't do it.
So it may be a case of people needing to catch up with the new technology. Just like movies, music and books before it video games are the excuse to dump on for the problems we can't explain away. Perhaps someday when video games are main steam will they finally stop being dumped on, and we will move on to the next big thing.

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