Friday, January 16, 2009

Werid Combo

Lego's and video games just does not seem like it would be any thing more then a cheap kiddy game. Wrong, it is in fact quite engrossing. There's a couple of them out there. There's Lego Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Batman. So far I've played 2 of them. I own the Star Wars Complete Collection. Which is awesome, it has all the sagas. And a friend at work is letting borrow the Indiana Jones game right now.

But anyways on to what they are. They are a collection game. Smash little Lego's to collect more Lego's to unlock Lego people. -.- Hm Lots of Lego's. And it has some cheesy humor but quite funny. So pretty much if your one of those people who enjoy running around and finding secrets and collecting stuff this is the game for you. But this all goes back to what I was talking about before, a game with a simple fun game play. Very refreshing.

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