Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sega getting back into the game?

I was the forums on Gamespot and there's a thread about Sega making a handheld system.:/
Really Sega ? Your finally getting excepted as a game developer and your going to mess that up buy wasting time and money on getting back into the system wars. For shame. All Sega's got is Sonic which these days isn't much at all. Failing hard with critics with there last release, I didn't have the heart or cash to pick it up. This day and age to many people doing great work to slack off with some have done games.

Well there gos my first rant we will see or at lest I will see if I keep this up.


JOCO SOB said...

I would dig another Sega

JOCO SOB said...

Get some content on this site so I can start sending it traffic.

akiraxander1313 said...

LOL you found it, I would have more content but thats to much work.:P But since you aksed nicly I guess I could try a little.