Friday, October 23, 2009


So far I'm liking this game. It's a little hard playing by yourself but playing co-op is a blast. Of course with the right people. This game is a great mix of collect gear RPG's and FPS. So far I'm finding a pretty good selection of guns. I like the pistols and shotguns. It has vehicles as well but the driving controls are not very good. I find myself running into things and off cliffs.

This definitely has a great sense of humor. It doesn't have much of a story but the crazy characters make up for it in there wackiness. So far I've fought bandits, midget bandits, dog things, and annoying birds of doom. All of which have killed me at lest once. I hope to spend my weekend playing this one before Forza 3 come out next week. If anything I've wrote changes I'll post it Monday.

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