Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Last Remnant

So The Last Remnant is about a boy(you the main character) trying to rescue your sister after she gets kid napped. You end up making friends with a Duke and he gives you access to his troops. This is a JRPG but the do combat a little different. You have multiple units made up of leaders and the normal guys. You get to pick who you want and where you want them. And during combat you only give the units orders not the individuals.

Outside of combat you can see the monsters on the map so you can try to run from them if you want but that wouldn't be advisable seeing ass every battle you fight makes your guys stronger. There is certainly allot of side quest to do this with too.

So far it's main story is pretty interesting. Some unknown figures are screwing with the Remnants.(giant things of magic, I guess) And they've got your sister to boot. So your running around trying to catch them.

My Score: 7.5

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