Thursday, October 15, 2009

Brutal Legend

So I've picked up the metal game for my PS3 and I must say I'm pretty impressed. They've done a very good meld of multiple genres to create a cool all though short game.

So the story is you a roadie have an accident on stage that sends you to a world based on metal. You team up with some people right away to right wrongs and punish the bad guys. You have a hot rod to get around the you can summon at any time. You fight with an axe and your guitar that shoots lightning. As you go you start building an army, first starting some headbanging idiots, then bikers that heal and finally chicks with guns.

Hears where they start to do something different, you have large scale battles where you command you troops using the D-pad. And there's these geysers the you have to play your guitar for to have them erupt with fan, your power source for summoning you troops. Fend off waves of enemy's and you win. w00t. I have not checked out the multiplayer yet but it's supposed to have a versus mode where you battle like that.

The voice acting in this game is top notch. With Jack Black voicing the main character, Ozzy being the Guardian of Metal and various of metal stars lending the voices to it. Funny enough you can Completely understand everything Ozzy says, weird right? And of course the music kicks major freaking ass. You find statue all around the world that unlock more music to hear as well. Speaking of the world it is and open one so drive around as you please to see all the cool metal world.

In final, I think it's a fun game made funner if you love metal music. It's shortness does hurt but I'll need to beat it once and see how capable I am of playing through a second time.

My Score: 9.0-for metalheads 8.0- for normal people

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