Thursday, October 29, 2009

Left4Dead 2 Demo

So I downloaded the Left4Dead 2 Demo last night, which I got to do earlier then most because I pre-ordered it at Gamestop. Took about an hour and a half to download though, freaking long. The demo has to modes open to it, single player campaign and campaign multiplayer. So no liking having to deal with randoms I played the single player mode.

And I must say I'm impressed. Everything I liked about the first one they've brought back but they've changed enough to make it more intense. For what I can tell is they've stuffed allot more zombies in per area. So right from the get go it can get pretty frantic. The new spacial zombies don't really cause to much more problems but it is a welcome addition.

The new weapons are fun and feel right, and by right I mean powerful. When you shoot a zombie they really get damaged. Like limbs flying off as well as heads or just there chest getting blown out. It's really graphic so those who don't like the gore should definitely stay away. And now on to one of my favorite additions, melee weapons! In the demo I found three of them starting with a frying pan which was alright but not quite as satisfying as say the machete I found next! The thing was awesome chopping through zombies with. Head and limbs hacking off and it actually works for protecting yourself. The last one I was a police officer club but I did not pick it up for I had a freaking machete!

Fairly long for a demo you get to play through three areas though not all the way to the rescue vehicle. If you guys liked the last one or just want a zombie game definitely give this demo a download.

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