Monday, October 19, 2009

Achievement Points & Trophies

This weekend I've played games I thought I was long done with. Why you may ask, because of achievement points. Now there's always games you love that you'll go back to time and time again. No matter how many times you beat it. Like for me Suikoden II and Oblivion. There's some oldies that even to this day I love. I haven't had my PS3 long enough to have oldies but I'm quickly finding the trophies are just as addictive to get.

I also had a thought that really achievement points are just an evolution of what video games have taught us. Even in the NES days we wanted the high score. We've wanted to find all the whistles in Super Mario 3. We've wanted to get all the Matera in Final Fantasy 7. Some, but not all of us to some degree or another are completionests. And partly so by the very video games we've played. At lest looking back that's what I see for myself.

I'd love to see Nintendo follow suit and create something similar. What's great about them if you don't like them,that's fine you don't have to get them. Options is the key word. Great developers and sellers of anything know that giving people options they like is the greatest way to sell. Cars, Movie theaters, Music, restaurants, bars are all made better with good options.

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