Monday, October 26, 2009

Fable III To Support Natal

This comic is from Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, check them out great web comic for sure.

So Yeah Fable III with Natal.

There's two downsides I see to this one being that I have not interest in motion sensing games. If I did I'd be playing my Wii all the time. As it stands the thing never really gets touched. And most real gamers don't do there serious gaming on it ether.

Downside number two is there going to have microtransactions. I really hate that word. Nickel and dimeing for everything sucks and only those who really want something or have the money will buy stuff and everyone else will be playing a game missing things that it should already have. Now of course I'm not talking about full blown expansions or things like that but like a sword. Yeah one freaking sword. Just freaking give it to us in a game update you cheap bastards.

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