Thursday, January 29, 2009

Silent Hill's Bad ass Pyramid Head

Most Bad ass monster ever.

That guy will FUNK U UP! I'm playing there newest game and it's so nice to see the main character hide from this dude. So next time your having a conversation about who's the baddest monster around make sure you mention the one with the Pyramid Head. And O yeah getting your flesh ripped off looks like it'd hurt. -.-

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I found this. Pretty cool. I'm just a poor little 4th. :(

Cool Metal Song


Monday, January 26, 2009

Uwe Boll given lifetime dishonor by Razzies

A funny for the Magic the Gathering fans out there. :P

Hahaha bastard. This guy destroys movies and I think he works hard at it so it's nice that he gets his recognition for spewing out more disgusting things then my cat. :/

Video Games Out Selling DVD/Blu-ray;title;3

w00t Go video games. $32 billion to $29 billion. I know added at lest a couple thousand but damn. Perhaps in these hard times video games will over take others as our main medium of recreation. :) But don't worry as soon as I buy a PS3 the Blu-ray sales will jump back up.

Hard Freaking Game

I want everyone to think about this game before complaining how hard a game is from now on. Another note the person who's playing this has some mad skillz.

Nothing Interesting

I don't have anything interesting to say, just a hot picture. :D

Friday, January 23, 2009

Video Game Industry Hurting Too.

All around devolpers are droping such as Atari and other having problems such as Midway. Heres just some of them.
This is a bad time and whats sad is that sales for the most part are way up, with great games coming out and lots of people needing an escape. Stupid stock market. >:( All these poor people losing there jobs out the blue sucks and makes you appreciate what you have even if it's working at McDonald's.

Funny Stuff

Hitler ban hammerd for the win.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Teh Halo God

I'm putting this up for all those who haven't seen this guy yet. I hope to be that skilled some day but nah I don't have the attention span before I move on to the next game. One bad ass dude for sure.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bad Trend By Game Makers

A new bad trend has arising in the console gaming market that has affected PC gamers for some time. That is developers putting out a game with glitches and patching them later over the Internet. For a long console games were the safe bet that if you bought it, it would work the first time you stick the game in. Which is what makes them appealing compared to PC gaming. Well that and not having to upgrade your rig ever time a new game comes out. But some games such as Fallout 3,Fable 2,Two Worlds,Mercenaries 2, Call of Duty:world at War and many others are released with bad glitches that may make you start a game over or make them no playable at all. It's a shame that the developers don't just take more time before releasing, instead of disappointing there fans.
Fallout 3 at time will just lock up or you will get stuck in the environment. Fable 2 was released without the promised 2 player co-op which was still disappointing when we got it. Two worlds was so broken with frame rate drops that the game was unplayable, I would kill a bear and it's corpse would just float in the air.:/ Mercenaries 2 also suffered from game stopping glitches. COD:WAW's multiplayer has some very bad glitches that ruin the matches at times with players able to get unfair advantages. There's more I'm sure but my brain no work so good. x.x
Now I'm not saying this game are bad, as I've already stated that COD:WAW and Fallout3 are two of my favorites. But it still is a sad thing even more so foe these big named blockbusters.

What this has done at lest to my game buying habits is I wait awhile after the game comes out before I buy it to see what game forums and fan reviews say about the game. It's a pain when you've been looking forward to a game for some time and then have to wait longer because your worried that the developers have not released a complete version. Hopefully they will catch on that this is not something pleasing to the people giving them there money and stop releasing uncompleted games.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fallout 3

Fallout 3 is an awesome sandbox game mixed with an RPG and a FPS. Its set in post nuked Washington D.C. where China and the US have nuked each other after WWIII. There not many survivors been there are a few big main community's. Such as a slaver encampment called Paradise Falls, a city made out of old airplanes and hangers called Megaton,(named some because of the unexploded nuke in the center of town) and a Aircraft carrier turned city call Rivet City. A huge world where any building you see on the horizon you can go up to. Allot of factory's and homes as well as all the national landmarks. And after playing this game for over 80 hours I'm still finding new places I've never been to.

And exploring is not easy, you have to contend with Raiders a group of sadistic psychopaths who enjoy murder and torture. Mutated animals such as dogs, super sized ants, crab people, giant scorpions, mutated bears and horrible monsters called Deathclaws. You also have to watch out for mutated people called ghouls, who have become so irritated the there flesh has fallen off. Another great game by Bethesda and a must buy of 08. I give it a 10 out of 10.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Best Multiplayer IMO

Well first off I just want to say "GO STEELERS"!! Um "cough" just had to get that out of my system. On to the games.

I've been playing allot of Call Of Duty:World at War. This is a superb game that has fast action or you can slow it down with some camping. It has a large selection of guns to choose from and as you level you unlock more.

Yes you read me right, I said level in reference to a FPS. You get different amount of points per kill or assist of a kill. You get bonus points for winning a match or placing high in the match. There are also challenges to go for such as get 25 kills with this said gun, or one my favorites cook a grenade till it gos off killing you and an opponent. I would just love to see there faces when they watch there kill cam. Hey kill cam that's another feature that I love. Being able to see where and how you die helps you A. learn what not to do and B. find out where that guy was camping at. ;)

Now there are 65 levels to go through and even then your no done, you can prestige which is a fancy way to say you go back to level 1 but you get spacial emblem to show how many times you restarted leveling. Currently I'm on my fourth and I'm still not getting tired of playing.

But there are a few annoying things in this game as well. Such as for some ungodly reason they brought back Juggernaut the most annoying perk ever. One which there will always be people who try to defend it saying "the game makers put it in so it's fine". Wrong, it's a game breaker anyways. And there are only three types of people that use it ,1st is people new to the game which is the only people I excuse, 2nd are people who suck at the game and need it not to die every few seconds and while I understand there reason I do not agree with it. Taking your beating like a man and not be a punk and maybe you will learn how to play better. 3rd is the worst people who have play awhile (prestige) and are just jerks there will try to win at any cost. These are the people that I hate and ruin a match. Them and the glitches.

O yes the glitchers how could I forget about them. Yeah Treyarch has little holes in certain maps to the effect that if you run back forth on them or jump into them you can get under the map. Where you can kill everyone else but they can't get you. This completely ruins a match and any fun competition is gone. I hope that every single person who does this gets baned for Xbox live forever the little pricks. I can only hope there little kids that don't know any better because of there lack of parenting, but sadly it's much older and stupider fools that give gamers a bad name.

Well even with those little bumps this is a great game with good graphics, nice sound, good controls, little to no connection issues, and long hour so you can get your moneys worth. I give it 9 out of 10.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Werid Combo

Lego's and video games just does not seem like it would be any thing more then a cheap kiddy game. Wrong, it is in fact quite engrossing. There's a couple of them out there. There's Lego Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Batman. So far I've played 2 of them. I own the Star Wars Complete Collection. Which is awesome, it has all the sagas. And a friend at work is letting borrow the Indiana Jones game right now.

But anyways on to what they are. They are a collection game. Smash little Lego's to collect more Lego's to unlock Lego people. -.- Hm Lots of Lego's. And it has some cheesy humor but quite funny. So pretty much if your one of those people who enjoy running around and finding secrets and collecting stuff this is the game for you. But this all goes back to what I was talking about before, a game with a simple fun game play. Very refreshing.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Go Steelers!

I know this is not video games but um lets see, my favorite team to use in Madden 09 is the Steelers. And speaking of the Steelers there doing good in the play offs. There happy I tied it in. O and the picture, I didn't have to do that. You can thank me later.

My family is originally from Pittsburgh so of course we are all big Steelers fans. With them playing the Ravens this weekend is awesome. It looks to be a power house game with the top 2 defences and both with hard run games. I think it's going to come down to Big Ben not getting pressured to much and having some time to throw. As well as how Joe Flacco holds up to the Steeler D on an away game. Turnovers and good D is winning these play offs. So I think this could turn into a classic game or it may just be a fast game with all the running.

If the Cardinals or Eagles win I think they will not be able to stand up to the Ravens or Steelers. But I do think it would be cool to see Donovan McNabb get a Super Bowl ring. Then again to see the Cardinals finally win the big game would also be cool to see. And it would be nice for there poor fans who have stayed with them all this time.

I'm planning on going to my mom's for the Super Bowl. She just moved near me this year so it's been a few years since we watched it together. And she will have all the important things, mainly lots of Coors Light and pizza. Time will tell if I will still be standing by the end of the game.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bad trend?

Ok there's something I've been noticing with games lately. It's a lack of fun. Sure they look good, or have nice physics but I'm talking fun. I'll give some examples.

Such as, so many times I read from reviewers as well as players that they didn't like a game because they didn't change anything from there last version. Well my counter to that is did you enjoy the last version? Yes, then whats the problem with more fun. I'm a big fan of the Dynasty Warriors series. A simple hack-n-slash with some cool, old school warriors. But they get bashed for releasing a game with the same game play every time. :/ But wait we liked that game play the first time so what has changed. It's like every Madden that comes out, it's the same core game play but with improvements to everything they can.

If ya think about it that's what allot of most games are from the dawn of gaming. Super Mario 3 is an improvement to 2 and 2 from 1. Visually different a little but core game play the same. Even if you look at the new Mario Galaxy it's still got the same core game play from way back when, all be it far improved. I guess what I'm saying is I wish game makers could see that you don't have to spend super cash on graphics and such but you can make a simple game, as long as it's got that tried and true fun factor it will do fine.

Which reminds me of a gem that has come out Braid. A simple arcade game for the Xbox360 that takes core game play from Mario with a great twist of time control and puzzles. Genius! And here's another example. Call of Duty:World at War is an improvement of Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare. Took core game play and added a new look and bam! A fun game that as a fan I can get another year of enjoyment out of. Well let's hope we continue to get great improvements to great game play like this and not pretty shells!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Parents not taking care?

So many times now a days we are seeing video games get blamed for crimes. It's really a shame. I've played all sorts of games all my life and I've never hurt anyone. But my parents also made sure I didn't play violent video games till i was of an appropriate age. And there lies the problem we have today. Parents not parenting. Just letting little Jimmie do whatever he wants as long as he shuts up.
I was in Gamestop the other day before Christmas and an older couple were in there buying a video game for there grandson. They were going to pick up Grand Theft Auto 4 for a 9 year old.......:O wait what? Luckily the good employee let them know that they did not want to do that and that the game was no way, shape, or form a child's game.
Also if someone plays a violent video game and then commits a violent crime it's not the video games fault. The person who committed the crime already had something wrong with them to have done that. Could the video game have triggered and episode? Yes it could have, but it was just a matter of time till something set them off. People commit crimes every day since the dawn of man without video games and probably will continue long after there gone. So if you know someone has violent tendencies you don't let them watch UFC on tv or Saw, just like you wouldn't put a heart patent on a roller coaster you just don't do it.
So it may be a case of people needing to catch up with the new technology. Just like movies, music and books before it video games are the excuse to dump on for the problems we can't explain away. Perhaps someday when video games are main steam will they finally stop being dumped on, and we will move on to the next big thing.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sega getting back into the game?

I was the forums on Gamespot and there's a thread about Sega making a handheld system.:/
Really Sega ? Your finally getting excepted as a game developer and your going to mess that up buy wasting time and money on getting back into the system wars. For shame. All Sega's got is Sonic which these days isn't much at all. Failing hard with critics with there last release, I didn't have the heart or cash to pick it up. This day and age to many people doing great work to slack off with some have done games.

Well there gos my first rant we will see or at lest I will see if I keep this up.