Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Nuzlocke Run 2012!

Finally Bertilda has evolved! And now the thousand years of destruction may begin, muh hah ha ha!

But yeah defeated the next grass gym with ease due to Oz and Abbi. Kicked some Team whatever the fucks ass and have traveled down the bike road. I spent a bunch of time grinding underneath said bike road slaughtering the great exp givers, ponytas. Caught one to keep myself, named it Melinda lvl14 and have replaced Abbi with her.

So far I haven't even had a close call or a need to use healing items, so it's a much better run then last time. ^-^ Pretty much all my team are fully evolved other then Roc and Melinda. Tired of having to run away from the damn Stunkys with aftermath so I'm moving on till the next Ponyta grind point.

Roc/Grotle lvl23 - Melinda/Ponyta lvl22 - Bertilda/Gyarados lvl24 - Oz/Crobat lvl26 - Mr.Slave/Bibarel lvl28 - Nanami/Luxray lvl30

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