Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mass Effect 3 Endings

I must say I was rather disappointed in the ending. It left me no options that I liked and told me next to nothing about the universe afterwards. Now that in itself might not be so bad but it's made worse because it goes against everything the game has set us up for.

Mass Effect is all about your options and making the choices you want, shaping the galaxy. So at the end of it all, after hours and hours of shaping, not to tell me how it all turned out really pisses me off. I feel like my time was wasted or at lest the final hour or so, the final battle felt pointless because everything I was interested in has already been settled to a point that I'm happy with.

And the whole confusing multiplayer effecting or not effecting your endings also is just an annoying addition that I really could have done without. So I'm trying to play through all three games to see how I feel about the series as a whole afterwards. I'm going to play an asshole who puts human agenda first since it's quite different from my other character.

I don't think, after the last couple Bioware games, that I'm going to jump on their next IP right away. If it's Dragon Age 3 I'll pick it up day one but that's because I'm already invested into the series. Tis a shame but I dislike being so invested into a character/s and being so very much disappointed.

Game On.

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