Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Nuzlocke Run 2012!

It's been awhile, I was last right under the biker bridge. Since then I moved on above Solaceon Town and did some epic training. I mean if the Ponyta's I defeated were put in a pile it'd make a fucking volcano man. Also Melinda evolved into a Rapidash. Roc didn't get leveled much because of there being nothing but the Ponyta's, Ponyta's everywhere. I think I got them high enough for a bit and have continued to Veilstone City. The fighting gym there should be no problem even without type advantage. Still no casualties, w00t!

Roc/Grotle lvl29 - Melinda/Rapidash lvl40 - Bertilda/Gyarados lvl40 - Oz/Crobat lvl41 - Mr.Slave/Bibarel lvl41 - Nanami/Luxray lvl40

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