Saturday, March 17, 2012

Small Rant

Ok so I bought Killzone 2 awhile ago but never got around to playing it. so I decided to give it a go today and I must say it has not aged well. The controls are soooo laggy I feel like I'm fighting them more then the game. You can't truly take cover either, You can crouch but half you bodies still sticking out which the enemy  will take full advantage of.

I got to some boss fight with a helicopter and it pissed me off, and for a game I was barely interested in playing my desire flew right out the window. You've got little to no cover, you can't carry two main weapons so your stuck with a rocket launcher and you f-ing pistol to shoot these lightning rods and then shoot the thing with rockets. Which by the way the damn thing has rockets too. >.<

Yeah I think I'm done with it. lol Lame.

Game On.

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