Sunday, March 11, 2012

Nuzlocke Run 2012!

Made it to Vally Windworks without losing anybody. The Turtwig Roc evolved into Grotle, Shinx Nanami evolved into Luxio and Starly Abbi evolved into Staravia. Roc took out the first gym by himself. I think this team will do better then my last one. ^-^ Caught some more warriors. XD A Psyduck named Dude lvl.8 and a Buizel named Genni lvl.8.

So as of today the levels are Bertilda/Magikarp lvl9 - Mr.Slave/Bidoof lvl14 - Roc/Grotle lvl20 - Oz/Zubat lvl16 - Abbi/Staravia lvl20 - Nanami/Luxio lvl16

Going to see if I can't grind them all to level 20 before moving on, maybe get Bertilda to evolve into Gyarados. :D

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